Hearing Awareness

News from District19A Hearing Awareness Chairperson & Co-Chairperson (Sept 25, 2017)

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Message from District 19A Hearing Awareness Chairperson and Co-Chairperson (Aug 2018)
Dear Fellow Lions, Lioness and Leos,

My name is Sherri Dafoe from Vancouver Marpole-Grandview Lions and along with Alec Wong from Vancouver East Lions, we are the Chairperson and Co-Chairperson of the District 19-A Hearing Awareness.

Our goal is to collect Hearing aids for the District 19-A drive. There are many people that have upgraded to newer ones or have hearing aids from relatives that have passed on. You may also find sources at medical clinics, care homes, senior centres or residences. We are asking you to reach out and locate as many devices as you can. Together we can improve the lives of the elderly and those with lower incomes by keeping them connected with the outside world. To get started you will need a collection box.

The Hearing Aids will go to the Lions of B.C. Hearing Conversation Society. They will be using the best ones for the Hearing Aid bank. Some will go to the Island Deaf and Hearing project who are now using recycled Hearing Aids on a program that the Lions of B.C. Hearing has helped them to start. Remainder of the Hearing Aids will go to the U.S. for programs where they are used in Third World Countries.

There are 2 ways to send in the hearing aids you accumulate :

1. Alec Wong will come to your club to receive them. Contact him at alecwong@shaw.ca

2. You can mail the collection box directly to:
The Lions of B.C. Hearing Conversation Society
C/O: President Surinder Gahir
34809 Everett Drive
Abbotsford, B.C.

Please have your club secretary to email me at sdafoe72@gmail.com with a tally of the hearing aids collected and the club name.

There will be a prize given to the club that collects the most Hearing Aids. Collection period ends on May 31, 2018.

We would like to thank you in advance for club’s and member’s participation.


Sherri Dafoe
Alec Wong

Message from DG Grace…

“Marvelous, please support PP Sherri and PP Alec on the hearing aids collection.  Participating clubs will be recognized at the District Convention April 28th and the Winning Club will be awarded at the District Open House on May 27th, 2018.”

Message from PP Sherri…

“Could you please let me know if your club would like to participate before April 25th. And could you please let me know how many Hearing Aids your club has collected by May 24th. Thank you.”