Elizabeth Nordlund Page

Lion Elizabeth Nordlund, B.A., M.A., is a cultural anthropologist specializing in the study of kinship issues and the literature of the indigenous People of the Pacific Northwest and Australia. She recently retired as a Museum Education Curator. Elizabeth lectures and teaches workshops. Elizabeth is an accomplished textile artist: her work can be found in a number of private collections. She specializes in spinning, weaving, quilting and surface design. She has also volunteered all her adult life, beginning with 14 years as a leader with the Girl Guides of Canada. She has been a director of a number of arts foundations, an executive member of several textile guilds, president of an Arts Council, and involved in a support capacity for all the sports teams Bob has coached or managed. She is a 4 year Club Membership Director, a Zone Membership Director and Secretary, a District 19A chair for Hearing Awareness, a trainer for District 19A and Multiple District 19 and a Guiding Lion. Elizabeth is a graduate of the Faculty Development Institute, a LCI international training course. She is a member of the Gibsons Lions Club.