A4 Ken Copping Page

Lion Ken Copping came into Lions International as Lion PDG Jules Perry sponsored him into Kaien Island Lions club in November 2007. He transferred into Prince Rupert Lions Club in August 2008. As a young man while serving in the Canadian Army Ken came to understand and take to heart the concept of the national anthem “ We stand on guard”. The Lions motto ‘We serve’ created a strong regard for the club. He proudly sponsored his wife Lion Anne into Lions Club. Being motivated by his sponsor, fellow Lions, his son Lion John Copping he readily filled in and served in any capacity he might be of service. He has filled office as Club President, Vice President, and club Secretary on three different terms.

Ken is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce. He remains a member of The Salvation Army serving as a chief local officer. He has conducted many small group sessions and workshops. He remains an experienced public speaker. Ken remains actively involved both professionally and in volunteer service within community. He owns and operates his own small business as a Professional Security Guard Service. He holds certificates: as CSO; certified security officer and Security training instructor. Certified as CSO he conducts training programs and safety workshops within the security profession. Ken holds numerous certificates with The Canadian Center Occupational Health and Safety. He holds degree Diploma in Natural Sciences: Certified ADC; Substance Abuse Addictions Counselor.

He is a Judge Brian Stevenson Fellow and a Life member Lions Foundation Canada. Ken believes he comes to Lions Club MD 19 A-4 as Zone Chair with strong organizational skills and experience that should benefit our Club. Ken believes in esprit de corps. His goal as Zone Chair remains to bring in the ‘F’ into Lions families, fun, and fulfillment into our clubs of A-4. To build esprit de corps; enthusiasm, devotion, strong regard, and loyalty living out Lions motto ‘We Serve’. Ken declares the greatest degree he as is the proud honor and privilege to be a Lion and knowing Lions never say can’t. Ken and his Wife Lion Anne have three sons and a daughter. Eleven grand children and four great grand children.